Treasurer Duties


The Treasurer reports to the Deacon Board and the Membership Body of the Church. The Treasurer shall perform and give Oversight and Direction to all aspects of Accounting for the Assets of the Church. The Treasurer will communicate and cooperate with other Board Members and the Congregation as needed to accomplish the following duties.

l. Welcome Oversight, Direction and Participation from the Board of Deacon's the Budget Committee and the Members 

lI. Accept funds, and Provide an Accounting for Church income

A. Verify weekly income statement prepared by Deacon/Elder volunteers following service

B. Make deposit to proper bank accounts

C. Post Income to proper account records

D. Inform Pastor and Boards of Deposit Amounts

III. Using the Annual Budget, triggers and current financial situation of the Church as a guide, make Disbursements from Cash Reserves

A. Pay routine expenses according to Members approved Budget.

1. Audit Auto Debit transactions if needed

2. Write Checks as needed and mail 

B. Post Payments to records as appropriate

IV. Prepare Quarterly Reports

A. Balance Sheet

B. Budget Comparison Report

V. Prepare Annual Reports and Communications 

A. 1099s, existing and new if needed

1. Pastor

2. Music Minister

3. Janitor

B. State of Colorado Registered Agent Duties

1. Annual Report to State

2. Financial report for 501c3 as needed

C. Prepare and Mail Year-End Tithing Statements 

VI. Assist in Yearly Audit 

A. Insure records are organized, available, current and correct

B. Present and Explain records to Audit Committee

VII. Perform all other duties designated by the Lord’s Chapel Constitution or pertaining to the office.