Secretary Duties

The Secretary reports to the Elder Board, Deacon Board and Membership Body of the church. The Secretary shall give Oversight and Direction to all aspects of the Creation and Keeping of Non-financial Records of the Church and will communicate and cooperate with Board Members and the Congregation as needed to accomplish the following duties.

l. Welcome oversight and direction from the Elder Board, Deacon Board and Members

ll. Keep an accurate record of all official congregational business meetings designated by the Pastor, the Members, the Constitution, Board of Elders, or Board of Deacons

lll. Robert's Rules of Order as modified by the Deacon Board shall be used in reporting motions and results. 

lV. Minutes will be posted on the Church Website and a hard copy will be kept in the Church Office in a secure place.

V. Carry out business correspondence for the church as needed and approved.

Vll. Keep a record of Church Membership, admissions, dismissals, deaths, marriages, baptisms, dedications, and other activities involving Church Membership in hard copy and on the Church Computer. 

Vlll. Maintain Church Records indefinitely.

IX. Perform all other duties designated by the Lord’s Chapel Constitution or pertaining to the office.