Pastor Duties


The Pastor reports to the Board of Elders and the Membership Body of the Church. The Pastor shall give Oversight and Direction to all aspects of the Spiritual Life of the Church and will communicate and cooperate with other Board Members and the Congregation as needed to accomplish the following duties.

l. Welcome Oversight, Direction and Participation from the Board of Elders and Members 

ll. Agree to allow and facilitate an appropriate background check adequate to allow the Supervision of Children in all situations

lII. Provide General Oversight of the Spiritual Life of the Church

A.  Preaching/Teaching/Ministry

1. Prepare and Present Sermons, Sunday School, Bible Study

2. Be involved in giving oversight and direction to Music Ministry

3. Be involved in giving oversight and direction to Children’s and Youth Ministry

4. Be involved in giving oversight and direction to any other Church ministry or program that is executed by the Membership of the Lord’s Chapel

B. Spiritual Life of the Church / Member Care

1. Organize and Lead prayer meetings

2. Provide counseling and discipleship to Church and community members

3. Pray for Church and community Members with the Board of Elders

4. Visit and/or contact Church Members who are ill, facing difficult situations or who have not attended Church recently as assisted by the Board of Elders

5. Insure visitors are welcomed by the Pastor and welcome cards are referred to the Board of Elders for follow up. Also, refer those who are ill or needy to the Elders for follow up with cards and calls, as appropriate. 

6. Perform other Church services, as needed i.e. Funerals & Weddings

7. Conduct new member classes as needed

C. Community Outreach and Involvement

1. Develop and support Church partnerships, locally, statewide, and internationally

a. Participation in Trinidad Ministerial Association

b. Participate in and/or coordinate activities with other Churches in Trinidad

2. Develop authentic personal relationships with people in the community who are not part of The Lord’s Chapel

3. Participate in organizing and executing outreach events at the Church or in the community

4.  Spending Authorization and personal reimbursement for community  outreach expenditures to be $100 monthly or as authorized by Deacons

lV. Administrative Duties

A. Practical

1. Answer the Church phone. Respond to messages left on the Church phone

2. Prepare and Print Sunday Bulletins weekly

3. Change the Church sign to reflect current sermon series, upcoming events

B. Virtual

1. Update and maintain the Church website including the Church teaching blog

2. Post sermons online

3. Communicate with Church Membership and leadership via e-mail

4. Respond to e-mails either sent directly to the Pastor or through the Church website. 

5. Post minutes of meetings from the Elders and Deacons on the Church Web Site or alternative Site for comment or questions. 

V. Ex-Officio Member of all Boards and Committees 

A. Act as Moderator of the Elder Board. 

B. Act as Ex-Officio Member of all Boards and Committees that exist within the Church including the right to vote in the Elder Board

C. Call/Organize meetings that are Church-wide or specifically for one of the existing Boards or Committees

D.  Be a member of the Budget Committee to assist in Budget Preparation

VI. There may be other duties requested or agreed upon by the Pastor, the Deacons, Elders, or Church body that the Pastor may be asked to perform on an as needed basis.