Our Beliefs Continued

Additional Information


Heaven - Eternity with God in paradise

Hell - Eternity without God in punishment (God does not send people here He has made the way so no one has to go, people choose to reject His free gift of salvation in Jesus)

End Times - Yes times will end, it will be dramatic. Jesus will come back, the devil will lose, there will probably not be a movie or book series about it

The Church - Gods people in community

The Mission - To be a Christ centered gospel sharing community. We love and care for each other and the community around us

Baptism - How we show our faith 

Communion - How we remember what Jesus has done for us

What if we disagree? Thats ok, God is always right (thats why He gave us the Bible) and He wants us to love each other! There are some things we need to agree on, like Jesus and how He saves us or the authority of the Bible, but in other things (i.e. music, how we dress, which football team to root for) we can disagree and move forward in unity! 


An Excerpt from our Constitution - "The purpose of this church is: the edification of the saved, the evangelization of the lost, and the teaching of the Holy Scripture. In response to the clear statement of Ephesians 4:11-13, 16, we earnestly endeavor to work, together, loving and encouraging one another, moving toward the goal of maturity in Christ, functioning in harmony with God’s Holy Word, the Bible, until He returns. In response to Christ’s command in Matthew 28:18-20, we earnestly seek to see our community, our state, our country, and our world reached for Christ."