Music Minister Duties


The Music Minister reports to the Pastor and Membership Body of the church. The Music Minister shall give Oversight and Direction to all aspects of the Praise Music of the Church and will communicate and cooperate with other Board Members as needed to accomplish the following duties.

l. Welcome Oversight and Direction from the Pastor and Membership.

ll. Agree to allow and facilitate an appropriate background check adequate to allow the Supervision of Children in all situations

III. Prayerfully plan worship music for all services in coordination with Pastor.

lV. Lead/Coordinate the songs for the music portion of the service.

V. Take suggestions for music selections from Members of the Church.

VI. Endeavor to prepare the Members for the message by announcing significance of selections and leading members in song. 

VII. Accompany Membership singing with piano or other instrumentation

VllI. Perform all other duties designated by the Lord’s Chapel Constitution or pertaining to the office.