The Janitor reports to the Deacon Board shall and the Membership Body of the church. The Janitor shall give Oversight and Direction to all aspect of performing work required for the cleanliness of the interior of the church and will communicate and cooperate with other Board Members as needed to accomplish the following duties.

l. Welcome Oversight, Direction and Participation from the Board of Deacon's and the Members 

A. On a weekly basis, in the main floor ...

1. dust, vacuum and take out trash in the church office

2. vacuum and clean the pews in the sanctuary

3. sweep and mop the floors in the foyer and clean the table

4. prepare coffee prior to Sunday School

5. clean the upstairs bathrooms including ...

a. refill paper and soap

b. take out trash 

B. On a weekly basis, in the downstairs ...

1. clean the kitchen appliances and counters as needed

2. sweep and take out the trash in the kitchen and dining room

3. vacuum, dust, organize as needed in the classrooms and take out trash 

4. take out trash in the blue room and organize chairs 

C. On a monthly basis, in the downstairs ...

1. check fridge and pantry for expired items & needed supplies 

2. clean windows as needed

3. sweep and mop dining room

4. sweep and mop blue room

II Purchase materials and supplies as budgeted for cleanliness of the church. May spend up to $500 annually as needed or as approved by the Deacon Board.

Ill. Develop progress reports for presentation to Congregation at Quarterly and Annual Business Meetings.

IV. Perform all other duties designated by the Lord’s Chapel Constitution or pertaining to the office.