Deacon Duties


The Board of Deacons reports to the Membership Body of the church and shall oversee the physical Church, grounds and all Church assets and will communicate and cooperate with other Board Members as needed to accomplish the following duties.

l. Welcome Oversight and Direction from the Members

lI. Elect a Chairman to oversee Functioning of the Board as duties are pursued.

lll. Be involved in giving oversight and direction to the Treasurer and Budget Committee

lV. Meet monthly to attend to the physical needs of the Church

A. The Deacon Board Chairman shall preside 

B. Roberts Rules of order, as revised, shall be used to manage and document the meeting.

V. Single Purpose Board Committees (eg, CRC) may exist and will meet as desired.

A. Elected Committee Chairman shall Preside

B.  The Committee shall report to the Deacon Board 

Vl, Comply with authorized spending limits as follows

A. Amounts limited to $500 may be spent from the General Fund as solely authorized by the Board of Deacons by majority vote

B. Any amount from the Building Fund over $1000 may be spent for the New Addition by the Board of Deacons with notification to the Members from the pulpit

Vll. Maintain existing Church building and grounds

A. Serve as contact between Church and government agencies as needed to adhere to all business and building requirements

B. Supervise and perform routine building maintenance projects including exercising $500 spending limits from General Fund

C. Plan and implement routine grounds maintenance schedule

D. Request and Coordinate Church work days as needed

E. Develop plans for and complete large maintenance projects over $500

F. Hire and manage contractors as needed to complete large maintenance projects

VIIl Pursue new construction on existing Church as needed

A. Develop detailed plans of large maintenance projects and seek Membership approval for authority to complete as needed

B. Pursue completion of list by priority

1. Organize volunteer work groups 

2. Supervise all work

lX. Develop and Implement  Presentation Plan for  approval by Members for completion of addition

A. Inform Church Membership of  building plans, including any needed changes. Encourage that information be presented during announcements in Sunday service.

B. Split construction requirement into smaller sub projects to thereby ...

1. encourage Members to be gratified with actual progress of smaller projects

2. facilitate grant writing 

C. Develop "finance task force" including Board Members and/or others.. Organize by source of funds

1. Identify a Church Member as Grant Manager with the following Duties

a. Compile a list of grant compatible projects

b. Perform Grant Availability Research from internet and other sources

b. Compile a list of Potential Compatible Grants

c. Write Grant requests

d. Obtain and Evaluate results

e. Improve the process

f. Provide Monthly progress reports 

2. Raise Funds through Church Events

a. Research and determine legal projects available to 501c3 organizations

b. Plan periodic events having 

i. an enjoyable potential that would encourage Members to participate 

ii. a serious positive financial potential

c. Execute plans with help of the Members

d. Improve the Process

X. The Board of Deacons will participate in preparation of the LCBudget as follows 

A The Board of Deacons will prepare the initial version of the LCBudget based on at least the past two years of historical monthly financial information. This document will 

1.  duplicate the Line Items of recent Quarterly Balance Sheets 

2. audit 'Must' and 'Optional' Building Fund Line items based on source of deposits

3. predict Annual and Monthly Income and Expenditures by Line Item for the upcoming year. 

4. assign a 'must pay' trigger to each Line Item.  

5. identify persons authorized to approve spending by Line Item

6. identify 'proof of purchase' - invoice, monthly statement, receipt, etc.  

B. The initial version will be presented to the Budget Committee four weeks prior to the Annual Congregational Business Meeting 

C The Budget Committee will Review, Edit and Approve the document and present  their approved version in a joint meeting with the Deacon Board two weeks prior to the Annual Congregational Business Meeting

D. The Deacon Board and Budget Committee will meet to jointly Review, Edit and Approve the Budget Committee version for presentation to the members as the final LCBudget. 

E. the Budget Committee will present the final LCBudget to the Members in the Annual Congregational Business Meeting

XI. Review Membership rolls annually as presented by the Secretary

XlI. Perform all other duties designated by the Lord’s Chapel Constitution or pertaining to the office.


The LCBudget process, discussed in #X above, is a Joint Venture involving the Deacon Board and the Budget Committee. Portions of the plan that involve the Budget Committee or the Budget Committee and the Deacon Board combined are italicized