The Children's Church Helper reports to the Sunday School and Children's Church Superintendent and the Membership Body of the church. The Children's Church Helper shall perform assigned duties and will communicate and cooperate with other Board Members as needed to accomplish the following duties.

l. Welcome Oversight, Direction and Participation from the Sunday School and Children's Church Superintendent and the Members 

ll. Agree to and facilitate an appropriate background check adequate to allow the Supervision of Children in all situations

III Participate in developing and maintaining the Sunday School Program 

IV. Participate in developing and maintaining a 4 to 8 volunteer Children’s Church teachers group comprised of 1 to 2 volunteers for each Sunday of each month.

1  A volunteer is designated for the same Sunday of each month. 1st Sunday, 2nd Sunday, 3rd Sunday and 4th Sunday. 

2. If there is a 5th Sunday, that will be used as a Christian based fun day to do crafts, games or movie. One of the volunteers already set for a designated Sunday can handle this day. It can be done in rotation or the same person can handle this day if they like.

V The curriculum will be Bible Based Christian information similar to 

"Betty Lukens Through the Bible in Felt" which is currently in use.

VI Volunteers are accountable for the conduct of the class on their designated Sunday. Including, if a volunteer is not able to teach on their designated Sunday, it is their responsibility to trade with another volunteer for that particular month to make sure their day will be covered.

VII. Class guidelines are ...

1.  open with prayer,

2. sing a couple of songs

3. present the lesson as planned

4. teach the memory verse

5. do crafts (drawing) in relation to the memory verse if time permits.

VIII Volunteers are responsible to clean up and return used items to their proper places.  

IX. Perform all other duties designated by the Lord’s Chapel Constitution or pertaining to the office.